Welcome home, Hokulea

On June 17, 2017, Hōkūleʻa returned home after three years of sailing around the world to a crowd of CHEEHUUU and blowing . Honi were shared among braddahs and sistas. Hawaiian flags were waived right-side up and upside down. Culture was flowing like waiwai. This was a proud day to be Hawaiian.

Mahalo Hōkūleʻa and welcome back.

Traditional handmade kahili:
The OGs:
The crowd wasn’t only on land:Hōkūleʻa deservedly resting after a long journey:


Everything But Predictable ∆ Honolulu Night Market x Pow Wow Hawaii Kickoff Recap

Hawaii’s weather can be beautiful, breezy, chilly, hot, muggy, and voggy – everything but predictable. The day of Honolulu Night Market x Pow Wow Hawaii Kickoff was no different. Guarantee every vendor was checking what Guy Hagi had to say for that evening’s weather because the morning and afternoon was flash flood pouring.

Rain is a word every vendor doesn’t want to hear on the day of an event. We spend the days before the event prepping, paying the vendor fees, counting inventory, making sure we have all the equipment we need. When event day comes, we load and haul our whole “store” in a truck, and try not to sweat through our shirts. I always do.

For creatives and entrepreneurs, Honolulu Night Market and similar marketplaces can be a necessity. Sure, with social media and online stores, it’s never been easier for creatives to sell their creations, but it’s important to physically talk story and shake hands with our community.

Luckily, the rain stopped, the sky cleared, and people came. Weirdly, not a single drop fell that night and every vendor’s anxiety was put to ease. At least, until the next event.

Our Valentine’s Day drop for the ladies. Kuʻu Ipo and Aloha ʻOe Sweetheart Caps:
Kuʻu ipo making friends:  Mauka Man and Mauka Woman, Brandon and Keala Souza:
Travis Ito (middle) and the HVN crew:
Micah from Diamond Head Clothing got one of my favorite tees right now:

Big mahalo to everyone that stopped by!





Honolulu Night Market x Pow! Wow! Hawaii

TRADES will be setup in the warehouse off of Cooke Street for the Honolulu Night Market x Pow! Wow! Hawaii annual kick off block party. See you there!

Restock: Kalo Tee and Sweatshirt & Cheehuuu Tee

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To Our Wahine.

On Day 2, it was our women that took the lead against an orange, ignorant, lying, bigot that was somehow voted into the most powerful leadership position in the world. Thousands gathered around the country to angrily and peacefully, protest against Trump. Our newly inaugurated POTUS must have forgotten where he came from – a woman.

Women have helped mold me into the person I am today. My mother’s Japanese traits dominate my appearance. I’ve inherited her wit and creativity. My grandmother gave me endless love and taught me to read by the age of one. My wife loves me unconditionally, supports me through my darkest moments, and celebrates my proudest achievements.

To our women, our wahine, despite what anyone says or does, no man is walking this earth without you. You are strength. You are beauty. You are an inspiration. You are Aloha.

For everything you are, Mahalo.


The Great Snapback

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Let me tell you, this is a great hat. You wouldn’t believe how great it is. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.



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Da Origin of the Shaka

According to one tutu…

TRADES featured in HAWAI’I Magazine

The  HAWAI’I Magazine staff gave their last minute holiday gift picks, and our Kalo Sweatshirt made the list!

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Max Holloway Wins UFC Interim Featherweight Title

Congratulations to Waianae native’s, Max “Blessed” Holloway on winning his UFC Interim Featherweight Title!